Friday, 21 October 2016

Carousel part 4: COLOUR FORMULA

As i am making this Carousel along side you all and haven't got to it yet, one or two are asking about colours to use in part 4. Because there are only 8 colours and we need 16 hexagons, then you will need to make 2 of each.

TO GET STARTED.... Make 2 centres in each colour but where to go from there?  if you haven't the confidence with colour?

Option one would be to use the same colour combos as in the part 3 pentagons....but you will need to add more rounds as the hex is bigger.

My suggestion is to use a colour formula line up all the colours in a shaded row like this...
Use your shade card you made if you made one, then follow the colours one after the other for each will start and finish with the same colour as the Hex in part 4 has 9 rounds.

Each motif will be different because you start with a different colour each time, your shade card might be different to mine so you will have slightly different colour combinations

It might be: 
1. Sandstone, 
2. Greengage, 
3. Waterfall, 
4. Atlantis, 
5. Viola, 
6. Peony, 
7. Carnation, 
8. Charcoal 
to give you a second option of a colour formula list.

Where ever you start you then follow the list of colours in order,

start with Atlantis
so the next colour is Viola
the next Peony
the next Carnation
the next Charcoal
then you start with the first on the list so the next will be Sandstone
the next Greengage 
the last Waterfall

each time starting with a different colour so each motif will be different.

But feel free to do a more random selection if thats what you want, just remember you need to use roughly the same amount of each colour for each motif..or you could run out of one before the other.

Hope that helps you to pick your colours for the Extra Special Carousel

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Joining the hexagon to the pentagon

 Start at the top marked the 2dc [2tr], ch2, 2dc [2tr],  in that first point
 do the next 20sts, 
 in the 2nd corner do 2dc [2tr], ch1, sl st into the matching hexagon ch2 corner
 then do the next dc in the same corner
 then sl st into the first st on the hex you are joining it too
 continue to do all the dc, in each st with a sl st into the matching hex 16dc [16tr] on each of the lower 4 sides

 then when you get to the next corner do the dc [tr], ch1 

 then sl st into the join on the pentagon and hex
 and continue to do the dc, on the hex and the sl st into each st on the pentagon side to the next corner 16sts in all

 here for balance i know you all like balance do the dc, then sl st into the join on the pentagons and leave the ch1 st out might make for a better centre bottom point 
 then continue with the dc [tr], into the same sp, sl st into the first st of the pentagon
 continue to complete this row of 16sts, including the 2 in each corner
continue to the next corner sl st into the join between the pentagons not the 
ch sp

for each of the corners work the sl st into the joins between pentagon and pentagon or pentagon and hex 
As above sl st into the join not into the ch sp of each corner use the join already made and sl st into that...centrally
i think the pattern is telling you to do sl st into both of the ch sps? should say into the join 
I will try to sort out the mini video but for now my phone flatly refuses to take a picture let alone a video

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Ready for part 4 of the Carousel..out today

I've managed to do 3 of my many colour ways up to part 3 so they are now ready for part 4 thats released today

the pastel version i finished at about 5.30 this morning wasn't sure i would get it done for today

the Extra Special marl a late addition was completed a few days ago,

as was the Special

the King Arthur i will work on for the next workshop in November and not sure i will get to a Batik version this side of Christmas even.

Join the Facebook Carousel group and join the fun
over 5,500 and 39 countries taking part

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Carousel creations from the group in a Pinterest folder

worth a peek...some beauties to be seen from the group

A folder of just some of the fabulous creations made by a world wide community of hookers over 5,500 members to the group now and at the last count from 39 countries
A fabulous group of friendly, helpful and creative girls and boys.

Extra special marl 

Im so proud to be part of this wonderful group, join up for the fun

All enjoying the Carousel CAL so far....

you can also find parts 1-3 at the same location if you want to join the fun

The Secret Blanket is also now released, a second blanket that you can make from the left overs in your packs of Special dk or Batik DK.
the second part of the infills to be released on November 5th after the second workshop 
to fill up those edge triangles

An extra scarf created from the infill 

The Old Chapel Workshop in 
Main Street 
Greenham Business Park 
RG19 6HW
Each Workshop has an extra something that is then released to all the group via this blog

Lots of variations

Saturday, 15 October 2016


 Found totally by accident from the infill pattern for the Extra Secret Carousel Blanket

its come a long way from the original design... a Christmas decoration in 2013

then to Amelia

 and Amelia Box

and now an infill to the Extra Carousel Secret blanket

 and then as a decorative Lacy Trellis Scraf